Smart Legal Team
Smart Legal Team
Smart Legal Team


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  • Document scanning(simple scanning, large format, color)
  • Electronic numbering(bates labeling, endorsement, digital watermarking)
  • Physical & Logical doc. unitization(page breaks, parent/child relationships, physical/logical guidelines)
  • Searchable text /
    Optical character recognition(OCR – converts scanned images into searchable docs)
  • Export formats(including .PDF, .TIFF, .JPEG, and others)
  • Load files
    *multiple platform support(Summation, Concordance or customized for your business)
  • File conversion(digital text, email, media files, etc.)


As the legal industry continues its shift into the digital age, Smart Legal is prepared to help your firm along the way. Whether it is converting archives for digital storage, or scanning active discovery and case files for ease of review and dissemination, the need for imaging services is pronounced. Once scanned, we can export in a common PDF format or industry-standard group 4 TIFF for ease in management on the user end. Additionally, you can easily order a printed set – produced in any size, color or black and white, and with or without slipsheets showing filepaths. Often, digitizing your files is not only an excellent space saver but can be a cheaper alternative to traditional copying.

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  • Specialization in complex litigation copying
  • High-speed equipment(top of the line equipment for fastest turnaround time to meet your discovery and filing deadlines)
  • Color copying
  • Standard and oversized duplications(photo, letter, legal, 11x17", oversized – in color or B/W)
  • Printing /blowbacks from electronic files(3-hole paper at no extra charge, with or without slipsheets)
  • Hand labeling(customized bates sequences, number your originals)
  • Drilling(3-hole, 2-hole, or as needed)
  • Tab creation/insertion(customized or pre-printed)
  • Binding(notebooks, rings, ACCO, GBC, spiral, and others)
  • Mailers(printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, posting)
  • Legal brief copying/binding(expedited turnaround, GBC bound)


Smart Legal specializes in complex litigation copying. We offer a full range of services, including large format and color duplication. Bindery services are available on-site, and we are able to punch or drill your original documents for placement in notebooks. Whether you have a small folder or 10 boxes, your project will be carefully quality checked, page-by-page, and there is never a charge for rush orders.

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  • Coding/Data Extraction(extracting targeted data using objective coding – date, time, etc. – and/or subjective coding – flagged by user, labeled confidential or privileged, etc.)
  • Data culling/deduplication(filters your documents by their meta-data and removes duplicate versions)
  • Advanced searching(quickly and accurately reducing the size of your processed electronic discovery that will be sent to attorney review)
  • File conversion(digital text, email, media files, etc.)
  • Load files for most litigation support software(Summation, Concordance, or customized for your business)
  • Database creation and management(review set creation and management that are compatible with every popular document review system)

Electronic Discovery

Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) has become an essential tool for any legal team assigned to a discovery-heavy case. Allow Smart Legal to make your review as simple and efficient as possible. Our EDD services provide our clients with the ability to take diverse files and make them manageable, converting Excel spreadsheets, emails and attachments, word documents, photos and other file types into a streamlined, viewable and manipulate-able format. We can organize, deduplicate and cull based on the meta data within said files, allowing you to narrow your focus and save valuable time and money.

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  • Trial boards(foam core mounted)
  • Exhibit notebooks(tabbed/organized per guidelines)
  • Trial support software(assistance preparing files for compatibility with software such as Trial Director)
  • Multimedia creation/duplication(Multi-media partners:
    River City Media and FlexLegal)
  • Presentation materials(support drafting or creating timeline or trial board content)

Trial Support

Whether you require a compelling trial board or several perfectly organized exhibit binders, Smart Legal can assist you as you take your case to trial. When you depend on it the most, our attention to detail and industry experience will give you the confidence you need when litigating every important matter.